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Pittsburgh's place for Futsal,
year-round multi-sport practice,
tournaments, and more

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WE ARE... The place for Futsal! 


PRO+SPORTS provides the ideal environment for players of all ages to play and learn the game of Futsal. Why Futsal? Many famous soccer players got their start playing Futsal, as it taught them early on about the necessary skills to succeed on the big stage. Futsal’s fast-paced and continuous nature helps to improve a player’s spatial intelligence and ability to learn to read the game.  It promotes:

1. Adaptability 

2. Athletic Intelligence 

3. Speed of Play 

4. Ball Skills and Control 

PRO+SPORTS is proud to be home to...


The Area's Leader in Fighting Arts Instruction 

STOUT PGH's offers programs in

  • Brazilian Jiu Jitsu

  • Kids Jiu Jistu

  • Striking/Thai

  • Mixed Martial Arts

  • Fitness

  • Self-Defense

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Become a Premier Partner

Ultimate Youth Futsal

Becoming a premier partner at Pro Sports+ offers a trifecta of advantages that can significantly enhance your team or organization's visibility and success. With exclusive first access to long-term rentals during peak seasons, preferential financing options and in-venue signage serves as a powerful marketing tool, ensuring that your team or organization receives prominent exposure to a captive audience! 

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